Balls To The Wall


Balls To The Wall - My story


"What does it take to succeed? It takes brass balls." - Alec Baldwin's quote from Glen Garry Glen Ross

My story of developing brass balls…

“Dude you’re hyperventilating… Just relax…”

Those were the words of a manager at Payless Shoe Store as he rejected my application at the age of 17.

On the subway ride home, I couldn’t help but think pessimistic thoughts: “I have aspirations to be a successful social entrepreneur and CEO… but you’re telling me I can’t even get a simple job at Payless Shoe store???”

Fast Forward 5 Years to 2017…

How did I get here?

I wrapped up another presentation training 12 high performing sales reps on… well, sales. My title was Head Sales Coach of B.C. and I made a living training people on one of the most extroverted skills out there: sales. Oh right, all as the introvert I was.

It felt like only yesterday that I couldn’t get a simple minimum wage job and now I’m making around 6 figures in a corporate sales coaching role.

The imposter syndrome never felt so real.

They say coffee’s for closers right? I probably just drank the right cup of coffee.

Fast Forward again to 2018 and 2019…

I left that corporate role.

That was a dream job in a lot of ways. I was good at what I did. I got compensating well for it. My boss was great, My coworkers were awesome and I had a lot of flexibility.

But it just wasn’t conducive to me reaching my full potential.

So I made the jump to a brand new city. From the west coast of Vancouver B.C. to the east coast of Toronto O.N. to pursue a whole new vocation: Digital Marketing.

It was balls to the wall.

No going back now I guess! I invested a large portion of my life savings into the tuition of my Digital Marketing Bootcamp school with RED Academy. An even scarier investment was the amount of time I pooled into the craft of digital marketing.

I lived, ate, breathed and pooped all things digital marketing.

But the results were well worth it.

My results today…

I am now in a full time remote role as a Growth Marketer at a fast growing startup.

I started and grew my own digital marketing business focusing on SEO and Content Marketing primarily for non-profits.

I was able to launch a blog and podcast on a topic I’m passionate about: Millennial Empowerment.

I felt like I had finally grown brass balls…

So my suggestion for those out there who have trouble getting their first part time job? Learn your A.B.C.s

Always Be Confident.